Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Transitional Pieces

In this fall, what I'm loving to do with my outfit ? I'll try to make my summer outfit more wearable in fall weather. 
If you ask my sister she's now that I wear this "Levis Jeans" a lot this fall. As you may know I bought it in New York and then back home wear it for almost everyday. That's how much I love it. The waist is high which my favorite. The wash is super light blue, which is new for my wardrobe but found out easy to mix & match. I definitely will wear it in winter too, to make winter outfit more bright.
Next is my trusty "Navy Corduroy Jacket" which I bought it on sale for really cheep. I can proudly say that I am glad I found it. Because I wear it a lot and mix it with summer blouse or t-shirt, still look put together & dreamy for fall outfit. Also it's pretty warm when we have cold fall weather. I can tell that I can wear this jacket and layer it with winter coat to make it winter appropriate.
The last "Fall Transitional Pieces" is the "Slip On Sandals" that I got it in Target. So affordable for a shoes/sandals. I know this type of shoes is really out there right now, there so many of them in the market. The price also in lots of arrangement. But I can say that this shoes make all kind of outfit look put together & classic. That's why I love to wear it so much right now. Slip on shoes cover almost all the fingers part of the feet that makes fall appropriate shoes. I guess you need one in your wardrobe for this fall too :)

In this picture, I mix all my "Fall Transitional Pieces" with "Red Blouse" from Korean Market. The color of red similar with "Autumn Leaves" so I think it's perfect for transitional pieces. But you can mix it with whatever summer top that you have in your wardrobe. It is short sleeve because if you have fall weather in your country you may know, that in fall sometimes we have cold kind of day and some times we have hot day in afternoon but a little bit of chilly in morning & night. So to make it works put short sleeves top but don' forget to leave home with a jacket. That's how I put together fall outfit. especially in transitional seasons.

Outfit Details:
Top: Korean Market
(Something similar from ASOS)
Jacket: Forever 21
Jeans: Levis
Slip on: Target
(Something similar from ASOS & Forever 21)
Bag: Forever21
Sunglass: Ray Ban
Earrings: Retro Girl
(Something similar from Forever 21)
Watch: Casio

Let me know what your favorite 
transitional pieces in your wardrobe :)


Sunday, October 8, 2017

My October Goals

I had this post idea from Kate La Vie, She's really inspired me for photograph, lifestyle, blogpost & also for other things too. Basically I want to set my goals for every month to make myself more productive & organize. 
I am personally sometimes so organize & sometimes I am super lazy for doing everything. So it's depend on my mood.
So my (1st) goal is being organize everyday, even tho when I am so lazy I need to kick my self to do it. Because usually after I did it, I felt good & glad that I did it. So this time I want to make myself to do it more & consistence on organizing what I need to do.
(2nd) goal is I want to being consistence for my blog post. I just want to take it more seriously, since it is my passion to share what I love. So for you who read my blog if you have any blog post idea that you want to see or read, please kindly let me know. It mean so much for me.
(3rd/Last) goal is eat/drink healthy. Some of you may think it's easy but in these days we have all the unhealthy snacks & lots of caffein drink that bad for your health but sometimes you can't live without it. Long story short basically I want to live my life more healthier. Drink water more, eat healthy snacks (like fruits, seaweed & etc) for future myself. I just thought that I need to start healthy lifestyle right now, when I am still young so I don't regret it when I am more older. So if you have recommendation for healthy snacks please let me know too :)

For this month I make a deep point about consistency, that make me "HAPPY"in the end of the day. I think we need to set the goals to make ourself productive & also fun to do it. even tho sometimes I am being lazy, I hope this goals will kick myself in a good way & make me feels good inside & out.

Have nice day :)


Friday, September 29, 2017

My New York City Trip Diary

🌼DAY 1🌼
My second time to New York City.
New York is the city that always made me go back again & again.
The city of fashion, multi culture, greenery, & love.
I just see all the connection between me & NYC
Fashion always been my passion.
I studied International Culture in UNI, 
I was raised in an Island full of culture & I love culture.
I born in Island full of green and nature, 
already love greenery since I was born.
Love is the the basic ingredient in life 

everyone start everything with love.

Here's one of my important diary in my life.
Arrived in Newark Airport & ready to go to the city :)
Always love the city view.
All the staff so nice, affordable for a good location hotel.
The lovely room
Even the small thing looks so cool
First stop Times Square
Crowded but fun for once in a life time.

🌼DAY 2🌼
The station that we used every single day.
Next stop the ultimate places to go...
The Statue Of Liberty
The World Trade Center
Sending Prayer
Soho looking so cool, antique & vintage kind of vibe for me.
Also this is the place for you who love shopping.
They have lots of shop in here.
Another city view that effortless but cool.
Chipotle is our favorite restaurant there.
If you visit USA you need to try it.
Trust me, it's so delicious.
High Line for nice afternoon walk.
Lunch/Dinner in Chelsea Market always a good decision,
because you can choose from lots kind of food there.
The Washington Square Park
Just Chill & looking for fresh air.

🌼DAY 3🌼
Central Park in the morning.
Cloudy but still good.
Looking around in this big greenery in the middle of the city.
Yummy bagel for breakfast
Eggs with Cheese & Eggs with Bacon
Strawberry Fields
The MET (Metropolitan) Museum
Tiffany & CO.
5th AV
The River Park Restaurant for "fancy" kind of dinner
Let me introduce him.
He is my boyfriend & he is my travel partner.
All the food & drinks was so good.
It's  a little bit pricy than usual restaurant but it's so worth it.
Highly recommended.
Me & my salad hehe...
♡Night time view♡

🌼DAY 4🌼
The Empire State Building
This lemonade with raspberry was so good.
And I almost drink it every single day.
Breakfast before go for long bridge walk
The Brooklyn Bridge
Can't hide the excitement.
"Dream Big"
The Manhattan Bridge
Pizza for lunch
This is a "SMALL" size and this big.
Juliana's Pizza open from many many years ago.
BBQ sandwich with mash potato for dinner.

🌼DAY 5 (Last Day)🌼
Accidentally met Consulate of Indonesia 
and just feel the Indonesian vibe in NYC.
Ready for picnic in central park
Wake up in the morning and did grocery shopping at Whole Food.
We have all we need :)
Unexpected thing just happened.
Before he is my boyfriend and now he is my fiancé.
So surprise & happy about everything that happened.
I want to thank him with all the thoughtful things he do.
We're just so emotional before we took this pic, and then 
we're turn it into this silly because we're still can't believe it.
Pumpkin for Halloween 
I just say "YES"
Still can't believe it ...
That is all for my trip.
We're just back home the next day.
I am so thankful for all of it.
Still can move on from the city vibe of NYC
Hopely going back again someday.
Thank you for all the good memory New York City.